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Puppy Care and Training

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    Puppy Training the Guide Dogs Way

    The Guide Dogs for The Blind Association has an unparalleled reputation for breeding, rearing and training dogs. Over the years it has been responsible for producing thousands of well-behaved animals. Now, this great bank of knowledge and expertise is being made available to all dog owners. This superbly illustrated book, which includes over 150 colour photographs, is the only dog training book officially approved by Guide Dogs. Puppy Training the Guide Dogs Way contains all the information and guidance you need to help you in your quest to produce the model canine citizen.
    Product Code: 20289    ISBN: 9781842862353     Author: Julia Barnes
    Pages: 128      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 23.6cm x 19cm x 1.6cm

    Puppy Care & Training - Pet Friendly: Understanding and Caring for Your Pet

    The more you know about your pet, the better you'll be able to provide the care and attention your pet requires for a healthy and happy life. The Pet Friendly guide offers expert advice on every aspect of puppy care and training.
    Product Code: 307130    ISBN: 9781907337130     Author: Julia Barnes
    Pages: 128      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 16.4cm x 14cm x 1cm

    Brain Games for Puppies

    Puppies are learning from the time they are born. They are like little sponges absorbing every new sight, sound and experience, and owners should be encouraged to make the most of this period of rapid development by helping their pups to learn through play! Teaching through the enjoyment of simple games can help to build strong bonds between owner and puppy, introduce the basics of training, establish desirable long-term habits and prevent the development of many problems. This innovative new title aims to show owners of puppies how a routine of simple but enriching brain games can make a puppy a happier, healthier and more loving companion for life. Brain Games for Puppies is a brilliantly conceived compendium of fun games, tricks and activities that you can enjoy with your puppy that will help to teach it good manners from an early age.
    Product Code: 20328    ISBN: 9781842861827     Author: Claire Arrowsmith
    Pages: 96      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 16.5 x 1 x 22 cm
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