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Garden Pets & Wildlife

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    Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds and Care

    This encyclopedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance for all aspiring poultry keepers. This first part explores all aspects of keeping chickens, including choosing, housing, day-to-day management, feeding, eggs and breeding, coping with chicken behaviour, health care and showing. The second part presents detailed profiles of more than 90 breeds, complete with fascinating insights into their history and temperament.
    Product Code: 20229    ISBN: 9781842862124     Author: Frances Bassom
    Pages: 208      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 18.4cm x 15.6cm 1.8cm

    The Garden Bird Survival Guide

    David Cromack explains how to turn your garden into a refuge that will attract and sustain wild birds all year round. The author describes the best equipment to buy and how to recognise the different species through appearance and behaviour.'
    Product Code: 09868    ISBN: 9781860541278     Author: Cromack, David
    Pages: 32      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20.2cm x 13.6cm x 0.4cm

    Creating a Bird-Friendly Garden

    This book explains just how easy it is to tempt birds to a garden, what foods to put out and plants to grow to attract different species, and what important safety rules to observe to ensure that your new garden guests are safe from the attention of predators. It also provides detailed character descriptions of the 30 most common garden birds that you will see, giving details of their nature, lifestyle and distinctive features, plus shorter portraits of 12 rather rarer, but still extremely welcome, visitors. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs and explanatory artwork, this book will prove an inspiration for a new generation of bird lovers and help even experienced bird watchers gain greater pleasure and fulfillment out of observing and caring for our beautiful garden birds.
    Product Code: 20293    ISBN: 9781842862360     Author: Michael Chinery
    Pages: 64      Cover Type: Hardcover      Size: 20.6cm x 14.2cm x 1.4cm

    Keeping Pet Chickens (Revised Edition)

    You are what you eat! When it comes to eggs, what could be better than walking to the bottom of your garden and collecting them daily courtesy of your own chickens? Food doesn't come fresher than this, and the great news is that keeping two or three chickens is really easy. You don't need farmland or lots of special equipment; today's exciting generation of chicken houses means that anyone with a bit of space - a garden, terrace, or simple backyard - can keep chickens. And the added bonus is that chickens make great pets. Low-maintenance and easy-going, provided they are regularly fed and watered chickens virtually look after themselves. No need to take them for a walk, and they come with a lifetime's supply of free eggs. This brilliant new guide to chicken keeping shows just how simple it is to enjoy the pleasure of keeping poultry. It's fun and it's rewarding - so get the chicken habit!
    Product Code: 0018    ISBN: 9781842862391     Author: Johannes Paul
    Pages: 96      Cover Type: Hardcover      Size: 21cm x 14.5cm x 1.3cm
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