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Bird Care and Breeds

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    Birdkeeper's Guide to Amazons

    This title is one of an exciting range of books that provide essential care advice about keeping pet birds in an easy-to-access, graphically distinctive style. Featuring authoritative text, new studio photography and clear colour diagrams, they provide all the 'must-know' advice in one attractive package. In short, an outstanding reference for the hobbyist birdkeeper. The book shows where the species come from in the wild and their typical behaviour patterns. It shows you what the temperament of the bird is and how you should best relate to it as a new birdkeeper. There is a pictorial explanation of aerodynamics showing how the birds fly and the importance of giving them daily opportunities to fly in the home. There is also detail on how birds function physiologically, their sensory abilities, breathing, blood circulation, digestive system and reproduction. You are also given information on the most suitable cages and aviaries and how to set up and furnish them. There is also information on how to perform basic training, including flight commands (as appropriate), together with the causes of typical problems and how to deal with them. This book is an essential guide to problem-free birdkeeping.
    Product Code: 20128    ISBN: 9781842861714     Author: Greg Glendell
    Pages: 96      Cover Type: Hardcover      Size: 20cm x 1638cm x 1.4cm

    Budgie (Gold Medal Guide)

    "Getting a new pet is exciting, but also a little daunting. What every new petowner needs is a source of instant knowledge, immediate answers to a range of vital questions. This new series of guides provides answers to all those common questions in a brilliantly accessible form. 50 golden rules of pet keeping are identified and arranged thematically under spread headings, such as Food and Nutrition, Grooming and Hygiene, while a ""Gold Medal Tips"" coloumn on each spread includes extra ""must-know"" information about that topic."
    Product Code: 0270    ISBN: 9781842860946     Author: O'Neill, Amanda
    Pages: 32      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20.2cm x 14.8cm x 0.6cm

    The Healthy Bird Cookbook: A Lifesaving Nutritional Guide & Recipe Collection

    The Healthy Bird Cookbook: A Lifesaving Nutritional Guide and Recipe Collection is the perfect solution to all of your bird s nutritional needs. It provides 150 creative, healthy, and easy-to-make recipes that are appropriate for almost all species of pet birds. The book also offers a thorough, extensive section on avian nutrition that clearly explains the roles of pellets and seeds, the food groups, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your bird s diet. You can take comfort in the quality and nutritional value of these original recipes the author is an avian expert who spent ten years consulting with veterinarians and doing hands-on research to compose them.
    Product Code: 2007161    ISBN: 9780793807161     Author: Robin Deutsch
    Pages: 192      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 21.8cm x 21.8cm x 1cm

    Budgerigar: Pet Friendly - Understanding and Caring for Your Pet Budgerigar

    Product Code: 307260    ISBN: 9781907337260     Author: Catherine Smith
    Pages: 128      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 16.4cm x 14cm x 1cm

    Amazon Parrots (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

    Amazon Parrots is a book in Barron's series of Complete Pet Owner's Manuals . These medium-size parrots are known for their playful companionship and their talking ability. Written especially to introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals also make fine guides to pet care for older children. These heavily illustrated books are filled with helpful information on purchasing, housing, feeding, health care--and where applicable, grooming and training pets. Each book is individually written by an expert--a trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or other animal specialist. With 70 or more colour photos and instructive line illustrations.
    Product Code: 20322    ISBN: 9780764143410     Author: Gayle Soucek
    Pages: 96      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20cm x 16.5cm x 0.7cm

    Conures (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

    Conures, small members of the parrot family, are intelligent and sociable by nature, and make very popular pets for bird lovers. Suitable for inexperienced and soon-to-be pet owners, as well as for older children having their first experiences with pet care, this book offers advise on purchasing, housing, feeding, and health care of conures.
    Product Code: 20310    ISBN: 9780764143663     Author: Gayle A Soucek
    Pages: 96      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20cm x 16.5cm x 0.7cm

    Long-Tailed Parakeets (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

    Tropical forests are filled with many varieties of this beautifully coloured bird. This manual discusses these different breeds and offers information on selection, plus how to keep them healthy and happy. Over 40 striking, full-colour photos, plus dozens of helpful line drawings.
    Product Code: 09230    ISBN: 9780812013511     Author: Annette Wolter
    Pages: 64      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20cm x 16.5cm x 0.5cm

    The New Parrot Handbook

    All the information you need to raise and keep an active and healthy Parrot. Facts, advice and fascinating insights tell you all you need to know about purchase, nutrition, health care, training, grooming speech training and much more. 35 species detailed.
    Product Code: 09265    ISBN: 9780812037296     Author: Werner Lantermann
    Pages: 144      Cover Type: Paperback      Size: 20cm x 16.5cm x 1.2cm
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